Epilepsy Survey

Survey for People Living with Epilepsy and their Carers in Australia


The Epilepsy Foundation is conducting a Gap analysis of the epilepsy service landscape from the viewpoint of people living with epilepsy, their families and carers.  KPMG, an independent consultancy firm has been engaged to perform the analysis.


Funding has been received  from the Department of Health to design and implement a 4-year Epilepsy Smart Australia Program. The program aims to provide nationally consistent support and management for all Australian.


The Epilepsy Centre is working in partnership with the Epilepsy Foundation to participate in the consultation and design process, assisting in conducting a nationwide survey, inviting individuals living with epilepsy as well as their carers and families, to have their perspectives, opinions and voices heard.


The results of this survey will provide both  invaluable insight into the current landscape of Epilepsy services and inform how the state of epilepsy care can be improved.  We want to know if there are enough resources, support and information available to you or those you care for.


Our Survey only takes 20 minutes and closes on May 31st so please head to bit.ly/epilepsysmart to have your say!