Please give to help keep Chardt safe


Chardt is an 11 year old boy who lives with his mother and two siblings. He was first diagnosed with epilepsy at age six, although when he was nine months of age he started having febrile convulsions. Chardt’s seizures are focal type absence seizures with impaired consciousness.

He also has autism, non-epileptic seizures and hypotonia.

Chardt has many triggers for his epilepsy. One of the triggers is heat and another is fever. Chardt loves shopping centres but he also gets over excited so will often have a seizure, so any trip needs to be carefully planned.

Chardt is a happy boy despite his health issue and he loves animals, playing computer games, yoga also cooking. His favourite thing to do is his aquatic therapy. He is a kind child and volunteers at school, always wanting to help and has great empathy for those in need.

Although Chardt’s seizures are under control, he has many risk factors around his epilepsy. A seizure monitor would allow his mother peace of mind at night as she would be warned if he is having a seizure, knowing this monitor will keep him safe during this time.

The family desperately require help to raise funds for a possibly life-saving and everyday life changing seizure monitor.