Please give to help keep Isaac safe

Isaac is a ten year old who loves footy. Other than chronic tonsillitis, Isaac has always been a well boy. In 2014, his parents woke to a loud bang and subsequently found Isaac unconscious on the floor in front of his bedroom. He was taken to hospital where the possibility of a seizure was discussed but was thought unlikely. Isaac did not have another seizure while under observation in Hospital so thoughts of epilepsy were far from his family’s mind.

Just recently, Isaac experienced three tonic clonic seizures in eight days. The first seizure, Isaac was found in a postictal state, so the true nature of his seizure was not realised until almost a week later when his mum was woken by a concerning sound at 3.00 am. She found Isaac unconscious on the floor, having a tonic clonic seizure lasting at least two minutes. This time the postictal state was prolonged and Isaac was taken by Ambulance to Hospital for observation.

When Isaac returned home, he moved into his parent’s room to sleep with his mum. He again experienced another seizure in the early hours of the morning. This seizure was much shorter in length but nonetheless worrying. After another visit to the Hospital he is now on medication to help stop the seizures.

Isaac’s family worry about him and the potential injury he may sustain if he is to return to his own room so for now he sleeps with his mum so the family can be assured of his safety.

Isaac wishes to be independent and get on with being a kid and to not feel anxious at night time. Having a seizure monitor would enable Isaac to have more normality at bed time and it would give his parents peace of mind as they will be able to respond quickly and calmly if Isaac has a seizure during the night.