Please give to help keep Jordan safe

jordan walker

Jordan is a 17 year old young man from Southern Adelaide. He is lovingly supported by his mother Janine and two sisters Kelsey and Hayley. Jordan has Epilepsy, as well as Autism and an Intellectual Disability. Jordan’s seizures are Tonic Clonic, Absent and Complex Partial.  He attends a Special Education Unit and is lucky to have a supportive and caring network of people at his school, as well as at home. Jordan’s triggers for his seizures are stress and temperature and are also due to having high anxiety levels. Jordan was recently hospitalised following a Tonic Clonic seizure at school, which resulted in an Ambulance being called and a day stay in Hospital. His family are also concerned that Jordan has been having seizures in his sleep as he often wakes with blood in his mouth or on his pillow.

Jordan’s sisters and mum are unable to rest during the night, not knowing if he is safe in the event of a seizure. A seizure monitor would be gratefully received by the family, as this will ensure Jordan is safe and protected in the event of a seizure during the night as the monitor will alert them. This will enable them all to rest somewhat more every night and then be able to function properly at work during the day.