Please give to help keep Steven safe


Steven is an 11 year old boy who had his first seizure a week after his first birthday. The Doctors told his parents it was  a febrile convulsion., however, after this first seizure he then went on to have seizures every year around his birthday. His Doctors  still continued to say they were febrile convulsions.
When Steven was 4 years old, he was at a picnic watching his sisters on a ride when he suddenly collapsed with a seizure and was rushed to hospital. After this seizure, Steven’s parents would not  let him go anywhere without them in fear of this happening again. He then went a couple years without having a  seizure at all and his family thought they may be over and that he had outgrown  them.
In 2014, Steven was playing X-Box with his cousin when he suddenly went into a tonic clonic seizure.  At this time he was tested for epilepsy and finally put on medication.  This medication seemed to be working , but in 2016  he had a tonic clonic seizure that lasted 12 minutes before the Doctors brought him around with Midazolam. He went on to have multiple seizures, controlled by even more Midazolam .
Steven’s teachers, parents and relatives have been trained to administer Midazolam and he now takes it with him everywhere he goes.
Steven’s parents are afraid when he is out and about if  there is not someone who has been trained  to given him this medication so do not allow him to do so.

A seizure monitor would ease their worries somewhat and they will be able to sleep better knowing this will alert them if Steven has a seizure during the night.