Please give to help keep Taylah safe


Taylah is a nine year old girl with a happy and cheerful nature. She is cared for full time by her mother Merissa.  Taylah lives with a rare Micro Deletion Syndrome (5q14.3 gene mefc2). She is one of only eight in Australia and 80 worldwide to live with this syndrome. Taylah is unable to communicate verbally so her mum has had to learn how to “read” Taylah’s behaviour in order to communicate with her little girl. Taylah’s seizures began when she was two years old and since then her mother Merissa has survived on minimal sleep. There have been many times Taylah has been found unresponsive during the night and her mother has had to perform CPR otherwise she would not have survived. Due to the unpredictability of her seizures, the family desperately require help to raise funds for a possibly life-saving and everyday life changing seizure monitor.