Counselling & Support

The Epilepsy Centre employs qualified Social workers as part of our client services team. The social workers can assist with things like:

  • Educating clients and family about epilepsy
  • Providing community outreach education programs
  • Assisting in identifying and obtaining resources such as special education programs, and referrals to psychologists and other mental health workers
  • Helping persons with epilepsy who have experienced discrimination
  • Helping in crisis situations
  • Providing counselling

What benefits can clients and families receive from counselling sessions with our social workers?


The counselling sessions provide an important place for people living with epilepsy to discuss social and personal issues that the Doctor may not have time or expertise to address.


Counselling sessions may be especially beneficial for children, helping them to understand issues of independence, maturity, and personal growth. Our Social Workers can help to discuss, put in perspective, better understand, and cope with troubling issues that somehow relate to or affect the treatment of epilepsy.
Referral to one of our social workers can be done by your doctor, family member, carer or yourself by calling The Epilepsy Centre on 1300 850 081


The Epilepsy Centre provides support and counselling services to the public with epilepsy and their families, as well as a public awareness and education campaign throughout South Australia and the Northern Territory.