Become a Volunteer

Donating your time is one of the most valuable gifts. Become a volunteer and see first-hand how our organisation works and how valuable our work is.

Assist as a hands-on Volunteer at The Epilepsy Centre

  • In the administration area
  • During our fundraising activities and events
  • Organise a Casual Day at school or your workplace and donate the proceeds to The Epilepsy Centre
  • Hold an event and donate the proceeds to The Epilepsy Centre. It could be a barbeque, dinner, brunch, coffee, anywhere or anytime that friends get together
  • Participate in one of the many events around Australia through GoFundraise
  • Participate in ‘Make March Purple’ to bring awareness and understanding about Epilepsy
  • Like, comment or share the posts on our Facebook Page or invite your friends to Like our page

(Please note that we require a National Police Certificate before commencing your volunteer work)