Become a Volunteer

Donating your time is one of the most valuable gifts. Become a volunteer and see first-hand how our organisation works and how valuable our work is.

Assist as a hands-on Volunteer at The Epilepsy Centre

  • In our new Op Shop
  • In the administration area
  • During our fundraising activities and events
  • Organise a Casual Day at school or your workplace and donate the proceeds to The Epilepsy Centre
  • Hold an event and donate the proceeds to The Epilepsy Centre. It could be a barbeque, dinner, brunch, coffee, anywhere or anytime that friends get together
  • Participate in one of the many events around Australia through GoFundraise or Everyday Hero
  • Assist us in selling our Lottery tickets
  • Like, comment or share the posts on our Facebook Page or invite your friends to Like our page

(Please note that we require a National Police Certificate before commencing your volunteer work)

We collect stamps!

Don’t throw them out, we can sort through and recycle them for you. Drop into The Epilepsy Centre at 463 Regency Road, Prospect, 5082, South Australia and let us take your old stamps off your hands.


If you would like to partner with us by way of our Annual appeal cans or want any more information on how you can help out then please contact us by emailenquiries@epilepsycentre.org.au or phone 1300 850 081