Bathroom Safety

  • Hang the bathroom doors so they open outwards instead of inwards. If someone has a seizure and falls against a closed door, the door can still be opened from the other side.
  • Leave bathroom doors unlocked (also a good tip for everyone). Hang an “occupied” sign on the outside handle, instead of locking the door.
  • Singing in the shower or bath will reassure others that you are doing fine.
  • Routinely check that the bathroom drain works properly before taking a bath or shower.
  • If you fall frequently during seizures, consider using a shower seat.
  • Consider using a hand held shower nozzle while seated in bath or shower.
  • Put non-skid strips in the bath.
  • Set water temperature low so that you won’t be scalded if you lose consciousness while hot water is running. If you have difficulty judging the temperature of water, turn the cold water on first and have someone else check the water temperature for you.
  • Keep the bathroom well ventilated so that it doesn’t get too hot and misty.
  • Avoid using electrical appliances, such as a hair dryers or electric razor, in the bathroom near water.
  • Use shatterproof glass for mirrors in the bathroom.

EFA “Tips for Living with Seizure Disorders”: Updated April 2002