Bathroom Safety

Some tips for keeping you safe in the bathroom in the event of a seizure:


  • Hang the bathroom doors so they open outwards instead of inwards (if someone has a seizure and falls against a closed door, then the door can be opened from the other side).
  • Install lift off door hinges (Door can be lifted and removed safely)
  • Leave bathroom doors unlocked or make sure the door can be unlocked from both sides or hang an “occupied” sign on the outside handle, instead of locking the door,
  • Keep the bathroom well-ventilated to reduce temperature changes and reduce moisture /condensation which can make the floors cold and slippery.
  • Singing in the shower or bath will reassure others that you are okay.
  • Showering is preferable to a bath.
  • If having a bath, keep the water level to a minimum.
  • Remove glass screens/doors and install shower curtains.
  • Put non-skid strips onto the bathroom floor, shower and the bottom of the bath.
  • Consider installing a handheld shower nozzle or use a seat in the shower.
  • Set the water temperature low so that won’t be scalded if you lose consciousness. Turn on the cold water first then increase the temperature of the hot water and check the temperature before entering the shower or bath.
  • If you are able, install a temperature regulator to control the temperature of ALL hot water outlets, so lowering the chances of scalding.
  • Install a padded, self-closing toilet seat.
  • To protect yourself in the bathroom, apply padded or inflatable covers to taps and handles and place plastic rounded covers over sharp corners of the bathroom cabinets.
  • Use an electric shaver instead of a razor.