Vagus Nerve Stimulation – (VNS) Therapy

Are you suffering from seizures that  your medication alone can’t control?

Most people with epilepsy take medication to manage their seizures.

But some people still experience seizures, even after trying two or more different anti-epileptic medications and following their doctor’s advice.

Data suggests about one in three people with epilepsy have seizures that are difficult to treat with medication alone.

Furthermore, research has shown that if two different anti-epileptic medications have failed to give you seizure freedom, the chance of becoming seizure free with another is just up to 4%. 

Experiencing uncontrolled seizures can be stressful and unsettling,  and have serious consequences including:

  • Disruption of critical periods of brain development in infancy and childhood
  • Interference with important processes for learning and memory, which is most serious in infancy
  • Accidents and injury during seizures
  • An increased risk of epilepsy-related premature death


That means it’s very important to get seizures  under control as soon as possible.



VNS Therapy- Take Control and Protect your Future

When medication alone is not adequately managing your seizures, and surgery is not suitable, there is another solution.

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