Kitchen Safety

  • As much as possible, cook and use electrical appliances when someone else is in the house.
  • Serve hot food and liquids directly from the pot/pan on stove or countertop onto plates.
  • Slide containers of hot food along the counter instead of picking them up, or use a cart when taking hot foods or liquids from one room to another.
  • Use plastic dishes and cups with lids (commuter cups) to prevent cuts or burns from spills.
  • Use a microwave oven for cooking.
  • When you use the stove, try to use the backburners as much as possible.
  • Remove burner controls from gas or electric stoves when not in use.
  • Use long, heavy duty oven mitts or holders when reaching into a hot oven.
  • Use pre-cut or already prepared foods as much as possible, use a blender or food processor to limit the need to cut with sharp knives.
  • Wear rubber gloves when handling knives or washing dishes and glassware in the sink.
  • Use plastic rather than glass containers as much as possible.
  • If co-ordination is a problem, use scoop spoons and dishes with high sides

EFA “Tips for Living with Seizure Disorders”: Reviewed June 2021