Seizure First Aid


  • This type of seizure does not usually require any first–aid
  • Reassure the person when the seizure is finished


  • Move harmful objects away
  • Place something soft under the head and shoulders
  • Do not put anything in the mouth
  • Do not restrain
  • As soon as possible after the seizure has stopped roll the person onto
    their side to assist breathing
  • When the seizure is over the person may be confused
  • Reassure them until they are fully aware of their surroundings

Call an ambulance (000) if

  • The active or jerking movements of a tonic–clonic seizure last for more than 5 minutes
  • Another seizure quickly follows
  • The person has been injured, or
  • If you are in doubt.

Complex Partial

  • Stay with the person and speak calmly in an attempt to affect their behaviour
  • Do not restrain or try to stop activity unless it is dangerous
  • Reassure the person until they are aware of their surroundings and offer
    assistance to get home.

Call an ambulance (000) if

  • The person has not begun to recover from a complex partial seizure in 10-15 minutes
  • Another seizures quickly follows
  • The person has been injured,
  • Or you are in doubt.