Epilepsy Management Plan

It is in the best interest of a person experiencing seizures to minimise both the impact of seizures on their daily life and the risk of injury in the event of a seizure.

Each person’s seizures will be different and specific to the individual. Having a well written Epilepsy Management plan is essential to help others recognise when seizures are occurring and to give clear directions about the appropriate support and first aid to be provided to the person.

Our Epilepsy Nurses are experts in the field of Epilepsy and can assist you by developing an individual Epilepsy Management plan.

Who should have an Epilepsy Management Plan?

Anyone living with epilepsy can have an Epilepsy Management Plan but we recommend

  • Children attending school, kindergarten, and child care
  • People living with a disability
  • People living in an aged care setting

An Epilepsy Management Plan (EMP) is a document that contains critical information for a person(s) assisting someone who experiences seizures in order to minimise the impact of seizures and reduce the risk of injury.

The process of developing an Epilepsy Management plan involves:

  • Consulting with a client/parent and all identified stakeholders,
  • Documenting a plan, and
  • Providing education and training as required. (This may include emergency medication administration training)

Sometimes Epilepsy Management Planning involves the development of a plan for administration of emergency medications.

This Plan needs to be completed by the Clients treating Doctor together with the Epilepsy Management Plan. (This is for clients that are prescribed Midazolam only).

To arrange a Epilepsy Management Plan please call 1300 850 081 or email enquiries@epilepsycentre.org.au