As a parent you can help create an accepting environment by meeting with teachers and other school officials before your child enters school. It is important that you take the time to discuss epilepsy with the teachers and tell them how it affects your child. The more information you give the teacher about your child’s condition the more they will be attuned to your child’s needs.

  • Discuss your child’s epilepsy. Explain what type of seizure disorder your child has. Let the teacher know that your child is on medication to control seizures, any side effects of the medication as well as “What to do” if your child should have a seizure in the classroom. Also leave a contact number in case the school needs to contact you.
  • Discuss the types of extracurricular activities your child is able to participate in. In general, children whose seizures are well–controlled should be encouraged to participate in any activity if reasonable precautions are taken.
  • Let the school know about any changes affecting your child’s health, for example, if medication is being adjusted, if your child is having seizures at home which may be making them tired, if they are on a special diet, or if there are difficulties with behavior.
  • Ask the teacher to let you know if the child is behaving different from their usual behaviour.

The Epilepsy Centre can arrange for an information kit to be sent to the school and our Education Officer is available to conduct a lecture to both staff and students.