Please give to help Jessica live

My name is Isabella and my daughter is Jessica who is 2 years old. This is my story.

I didn’t realise I was pregnant until I was 33 weeks and then gave birth to Jessica at 37 weeks.

As soon as Jessica was born she had problems with allergies and had to go to hospital often. Her first seizure happened at 5 months old I took her to hospital and she was sent home as the hospital didn’t believe me.

It wasn’t until November 2015 when Jessica was in hospital for having a seizure that they believed what I was saying because Jessica had 17 seizures in 48 hours whilst in hospital.

We haven’t had much support from the hospitals so were not sure on the types of seizures that Jessica has. She has 4 different kinds between 5 and 6 per day plus 10 absent seizures where she screams and gets in the recovery position.

Jessica is a really happy little girl who loves Pepper Pig and takes her Pepper Pig toy everywhere we go. However her medication sometimes makes her angry which makes me sad to see. Jessica can’t walk properly and some days she doesn’t walk at all. She doesn’t talk or make eye contact with people as a result of her seizures.

I never sleep in my own bed, I always sleep on the floor as Jessica refuses to sleep anywhere else but her cot so I lay on the floor to make sure I catch every seizure which is normally around 4am every morning.

This seizure mat to me would mean I can sleep in my own bed and not have to worry about missing one of Jessica’s seizures. I hate the thought of her having to deal with a seizure all alone.

(Seizure mats are manufactured in Finland and imported by The Epilepsy Centre at $900 each)